Dear Colleagues,

We are both thrilled and elevated to invite you to the 9th of the biennial Geotechnical Symposiums organized by the İstanbul Branch of the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers. This occasion is marked by the joyous culmination of the Covid pandemic period which limited our interactions to computer screens and we are looking forward to share the fruits of our studies that progressed against all odds with pride and pleasure.

Among complex and ever-diversifying civil engineering applications, the role and impact of geotechnics on the sustainability of civilization is continuously increasing. As expected, the rate of information and experience generation in such a critical engineering specialty is very high. Developments both in academia and industry are interconnected and requires constant interaction. Consequently, the rapid progress of knowledge and practice requires platforms for discussion, evaluation and cooperation. Within this context, geotechnical symposiums are organized in response to this craving to provide mediums for professional growth and academic communication.

In pursuit of these goals, our organization committee is working meticulously for the next geotechnical symposium and invites you to contribute in all possible capacities. We are welcoming you, our colleagues, to the 9th Geotechnical Symposium to share your knowledge and experience through your papers, to contribute to discussions and to increase the spirits, and to emphasize the importance and size of geotechnics.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. S. Feyza ÇİNİCİOĞLU
Chair of the 9th Geotechnical Symposium
E. Fusun SÜMER
Head of Istanbul Branch of Chamber of Civil Engineers